Day two 18th Sept 2018

Day two

Today we went in to get an idea of the IT support afforded to us during our time at Staffs. Mark helped us set up our accounts on the Mac computers and set up our accounts. 

There are three rooms with Mac’s in and they have around 70 mac’s in total all with the creative cloud suit on them so plenty of access to Photoshop etc. 

We later had to go into one of the photography studios and manually focus a DSLR to take a couple of pictures of each other, they used a Nikon (ugh) and I could not get the monocular viewfinder to be sharp for my eye, so I had to use a technique of going through focus then just edging back slightly which worked perfectly. 

I do not seem to have the same problem with my 5D Mk4 so not sure what was wrong, but the result was satisfactory.