As part of my individual practice two I  have undertaken to produce street images of my home town (it was a town when I was born) Wolverhampton, covering the city, it’s fabric and its people. When I set out collecting these images I did not envisage that it might become an ongoing thing even after my departure from university.

How ever I have enjoyed it so much that I do intend to continue with this endeavour and produce over the next few years an archive to bear witness to future generations as to how life was back in 2019 onward.

I have long believed that when taken an image is just an image, especially when it is capturing every day life, but as time passes and locations and fashions change that simple image becomes an important visual record of our history, in fact it is one of very few ways that it proves we were ever here and what we looked like. just think of the amazing Victorian photographs we now marvel over, back then they were nothing more than mere snapshots of what was every day life. 

Then 1866
Now 2019


Our city is most famous today for the local football club Wolverhampton Wanderers and black and old gold (orange) are the teams colours, they are instantly recognisable by any Wulfrunian that sees them, also we are quite proud of our accent and the slang that our dialect contains, a much used fraze is Wolves Ay We, often used when we are facing a struggle or managed to circumvent a pending disaster (we are a dramatic bunch).

My logo is loosely based on a WFC scarf and the wording is of cause the saying “Wolves Ay We”.

The logo is a PNG file and then I can have it printed on orange coloured paper or placed on a website with a corresponding back ground. 

I chose the Arial typeface as it is close to the Wolverhampton Wanderers one and is clean and simple. 


I decided to omit most of my contact information from my cards as these will be predominantly used to give out to strangers who enquire what I am doing when out photographing the city.

They follow the basic colour and typeface style of the logo and other stationary produced to accompany this project. I also included an image of my face to connect me with the person receiving the card. I think the use of black for the back ground works well on the card and would make it stand out from the raft of generally white business cards. The orange writing on the black makes for a strikingly visual card, and with the addition of a gloss finish, adds a little something extra to the tactile feel of the card. Finished off with rounded corners to, again, give the card a more polished feel and look.

Letter head

As with the cards, the theme of orange and black has been continued to the letter head and compliment slip. Although, due to printing practicalities, the colours have been swapped (black writing on an orange back ground). I have kept the information on these minimal as I feel, due to the nature of the project, my home address could prove problematic if it got in to the wrong hands… photographer equals expensive kit etc. I have, however, included an email address and my personal mobile number. As an addition, that is omitted from the card is a social media link to a business Facebook page.

Compliment slip

The compliment slips are a quarter page copy of the header and footer from the letter header. 

To facilitate the optional adding of a note the text under the banner has been justified left along with an off set with compliments.

Web presence

In this day and age of the connected world, having a web presence is very important for your business. For me as a street photographer more so than others, it is a place I can disseminate my images from.

I own the domain name and have set up a Facebook page Over time these two outlets will hold the body of my digitised work for patrons to view. Although this project is not a money making venture (as yet) there is no point in making these images with out an outlet for a potential audience. 

Small selection of acquired images from the project Wolverhampton Street Photograph on Film

Definition of my brand:

  • Informative
  • Educational
  • Retrospective
  • Story
  • Entertaining
  • Emotive
  • Historical
  • Instilling a sense of pride
  • People focused
  • Chronicle