It’s all in the presentation

Module: PHOTO60154 Individual Practice 1

Project Title / Or Area of Work: It’s all in the presentation.

Context for Work (for example, Editorial Portraits): Editorial Documentary

To produce a selection of photographs documenting the life of a local radio Presenter.

Richard (Dicky) Dodd is the breakfast presenter on Signal 107 which broadcasts to the people of Wolverhampton providing a potential audience of over a quarter of a million listeners (

The images will be of a documentary style with various treatments of colour and black and white that best suit the individual image and the desired mood to be portrayed.

As well as presenting his show Richard is also an avid charity volunteer and is regularly seen offering his services to local charities such as Compton hospice and the Haven.

As a local celebrity ,he is also called upon to present awards nights, make guest appearances and host events such as the Carver Wolverhampton Marathon.

Richard is a big family man and so to complete the photo documentary I would also like to include some pictures of him socialising with his friends and family.

Feasibility, do you foresee any problems?   NO

Can you potentially photograph every week?    YES

I foresee no reason other than possibly illness, other work commitments or holidays where Richard would not be available to be photographed.

Are any specific permissions required?    YES/POSSIBLY

Due to the nature of his work I might need permission from colleagues for me to be present and to include them in any resulting images.

Any special equipment required?     NO

Any Health & Safety issues?    NO

Are there any ethical issues?    NO


I had a meeting with Richard (Dicky) Dodd at Signal107 to discuss my proposal to photograph him over a period of time showing a set of documentary-style images of a radio personalities life on and off the air.

From the loneliness of early morning show preparation to the stresses of delivering an address to a large audience, having a meeting with other presenters or being the MC at an event. Richard is very much up for working with me on this project and our first collaboration will take place this Saturday at the Wolves football ground. 

Fig1 The Salt Lake Tribune 2018
Fig 2 2018
Fig 3 Dorset Echo 2018

Figures 1, 2, 3, give an idea of what I wish to achieve, Figure 4 is of Richard taken by Pete Madeley of the Wolverhampton Express & Star, it is my intention not to produce images like this.

Fig 4 Richard (Dicky) Dodd posing for the Express & Star in studio 1 at Signal 107

I have known and worked with Rich for over ten years and during that time photographed him many times. Below are a few of my images taken during this time. Please note some of the following images are over ten years old and so are of a lower quality than I would accept for myself today.