Lecturer responses

Rick Barks

Hi Nik
Thank you for sending me your PDF portfolio:
Give an overall impression of the portfolio (bear in mind what work interests them – they should tell you).
The overall impression of the portfolio is a good one, there are some very well made photographs here.
Are there any images that are stand out good (and why) ?
Yes there are: the wedding shot, the blacksmith and the raptor all demonstrate good skill & control.
Are there any images that should be re-shot to improve them (and how) ?
Perhaps, however that rather depends upon your direction. What I mean by this is that at the top of the portfolio you state that you are a ‘Weddings, Portraits and Events Photographer, if so, why is there a picture of a horrible and rather threatening image of an insect?  Others too seem a little out of kilter with you stated aim…. the old mine, the crescent moon?

Are there any images that should be dropped (and why) ?
See above
Any other thoughts, observations or words of encouragement ?
Overall it is a great starting point, with a little more focus that can be used effectively for you.  However experimenting with the layout could be rewarding, I find the thick black line around each image unnecessary, and a little ‘oppressive’ and deadening.  Maybe experiment with a more clean, fresh and contemporary layout.  Graphic design magazines in the library are great, and could easily point you in the right direction.
best of luck

Rick Barks

Kate Newton

Hi Nik
I like your style it never hurts to ask and given that I am spending today catching up on admin….
I would swap slide three and two around so start with the the brief overview, Perhaps you could cut down the number of ‘I’s  so for example it could just read
Nik Andrews  has a keen interest in…..
On the CV  always start with most recent first, so for your training  you would start with the BA(Hons) photography Staffordshire University,  followed by your HND,
On a personal note  I found the template unnecessary others may like it but for me slightly gimmicky.
There are some great images  perhaps you could group them so that you have subsections. The running order just didn’t flow,  the flying Eagle is rather fantastic so perhaps that is something to end on? Again  this a personal view I might edit out  some individual images,  at the moment it seems like you do lots of different things which is great in some ways  but in others dilutes the whole. 
I wouldn’t start with the port shot as it has a look of an accomplished holiday snap I feel that the editorial portraits would be a stronger introduction.  I don’t think you need two portraits of yourself. I liked the one at the end with your full contact details. Do you do any other social media?
So to sum up  some fantastic work,  for me simplify the design, have subsections take out individual images or extend them  so  example you have at the moment one lone guitarist if you want to keep it in, add two or three more images that showcase your skills documenting live music.
Hope that is of some help! Bet you are glad you asked now!! Ha ha 
Best Kate

Paul O'Leary

Nick Lockett

Hello Nik

Thank you for showing me your PDF Portfolio

Overall impression
Good overall impression with a range of technical skills on show. I like the initial ‘landing’ page. Some good images. But it does give me the impression of a wide range of generic styles without a clear ‘voice’. Consider targeting it more at the work you want to be paid to do, and going in a more definite direction. Looking at more portfolios of other image-makers will definitely help you to help you to define yourself.

Stand out good images
The bird of prey (though it would have been better with a small depth of field / out of focus background), the twilight wedding, the blacksmith – all memorable.

Images to drop
All your images are good – there’s not a poor photograph here – but are they all relevant ? Do they fit with your direction of travel in your work ? If you are interested in being paid to do weddings, portraits and events, you might drop the images that are good but not so relevant (e.g the moon over the tower, the viaduct, the harbour, the mine) and change the order to put people pictures sooner in the running order. That would give it a change of emphasis.

Other thoughts and observations
The design competes with your work and distracts – the heavy black line is a bit oppressive. Consider a lighter cleaner more contemporary look – again, dig around and look at other portfolios and web sites or design magazines in the library for a lighter look. Move your CV to the end. Limit yourself to one photograph of yourself. Design…

Great starting point – needs a bit more focus to fit with your own aims and direction. Well done.