Performing Arts Staffs Uni 2018

I was asked if I could produce some photographs of a play called “Widows”, that was being performed by Staffordshire University Performing Arts Students.

The play was due to take place on Saturday 10th November, with a dress rehearsal on the preceding Friday evening. I was asked if I could have a selection of images ready before 10 am the following day. 

The lighting was quite low in Studio One and I was told that flash was not to be used, I decided to use my Canon 5D Mk4 and two Sigma Art 1.4 lenses, an 85mm and a 30mm to allow me to gather the maximum light available. Settings ranged from ISO 800 to ISO 3200 I kept my shutter around 1/200 to freeze the action as much as possible, and my aperture varied from F1.4 to F2.8