Street photography on film

Shot on Ilford DELTA 3200 Black & White film with no flash.

I shot the above image in the Wolverhampton Slade rooms on 17th January 2017 as part of the BBC introduces series of live concerts.

I started making images using film when at college in the 90’s, the only medium really available to me back then was 35mm B&W film. Once I left college I stopped taking pictures and concentrated on my work as a video camera assistant, latter a cameraman in my own right.

In the late 2000’s I purchased a digital camera and rediscovered my enthusiasm for the photographic arts, so much so I incorporated it into my disco business where to this day I regularly take images of people enjoying a party. This has proved quite lucrative to my business and very often get booked as the DJ who takes pictures.

I decided to take an evening course on digital photography as I wanted to improve my skill set, one of the very first projects was to take some photographs using a college SLR and to develop and print the resultant images. It was during this time however that I rekindled my love for film photography. 

I have thought long and hard what project I would like to do this Semester and I have decided that again I want to revisit the processing & darkroom.

There is nothing more magical than seeing your work appear on a sheet of white  photographic paper. 

The interesting thing about shooting film is you have to shoot sparingly and you can not instantly see the result on a small screen on the back of your camera. This does indeed tend to focus one’s mind more than if shooting on a DSLR.

West Park film Expo

A couple taking a rest during a winter walk in West Park Wolverhampton.

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